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Introduction to Direct To Garment Printing

Are you in need of custom graphic t-shirts for your business or event, but unsure of which printing method to choose? Direct to garment (DTG) printing may be the perfect solution for you.

At U.S. Custom Tees, we offer DTG printing as one of our t-shirt printing options. But what exactly is DTG printing and what are the advantages of choosing this method?

DTG printing is a process in which ink is directly applied to the garment using specialized inkjet technology. The ink is absorbed by the fibers of the shirt, creating a high-quality print that is soft to the touch and long-lasting.

The Advantages of DTG Printing

There are several advantages to choosing DTG printing for your custom t-shirts.

Small Order Capability

One major advantage of DTG printing is the ability to print small orders. Traditional screen printing requires a minimum order of at least 12 pieces, but with DTG printing, we can print as few as one t-shirt. This is especially beneficial for businesses or individuals who only need a small number of shirts for a special event or promotion.

Complex Design Printing

DTG printing is also great for printing complex designs. With screen printing, each color in the design requires a separate screen, adding time and cost to the printing process. DTG printing, on the other hand, can print a design with any number of colors quickly and at a lower cost.

Environmentally-Friendly Ink

In addition to its versatility and efficiency, DTG printing is also a more environmentally-friendly option compared to traditional screen printing. The ink used in DTG printing is water-based, making it biodegradable and free of harmful chemicals. This not only helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the printing process, but also results in a softer, more comfortable shirt for the wearer.

Quality DTG Printing at U.S. Custom Tees

At U.S. Custom Tees, we use only the latest and highest quality DTG printing equipment to ensure that your custom t-shirts come out looking perfect every time. Our team of talented designers can help bring your vision to life, or you can choose from a wide selection of pre-designed templates to find the perfect fit for your brand.

Our Equipment and Designers

We are committed to using the best equipment and techniques to produce high-quality DTG printed t-shirts for our customers. Our state-of-the-art DTG printers and inks ensure that every shirt we produce meets our high standards of quality.

Wide Selection of Templates

In addition to our team of skilled designers, we also offer a wide selection of pre-designed templates to choose from as well as a design tool for your use. Whether you want a classic logo design or something more trendy and modern, you’ll find a variety of options to choose from.

Conclusion: DTG Printing for Custom T-Shirts

Overall, DTG printing offers numerous advantages for custom t-shirt printing, including the ability to design your own, print small orders, the ability to print complex designs, and a more environmentally-friendly process. If you’re in need of custom graphic t-shirts, consider choosing DTG printing at U.S. Custom Tees for the best results.

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